The service and website design which I received from W-webdesign was far beyond my expectations!

After recently under going WordPress Website design courses with Adrian I would recommend his services highly

Wow! I didn’t realise that having a website would make such a difference. I always knew that I needed a web presence to help my business get going and to grow, but I really wasn’t sure which direction to take, or how to do it. Adrian helped with all of this, from the set up and design layout, to professional photographs for the site, and administration of the content. More importantly to me, Adrian is never a click away for help, support and advice, (which believe me I’ve needed!)

It’s wonderful to have such a professional and attractive web presence and it’s certainly making a difference to my business. Instead of simply telling people what I can do, I can now direct them to my website where they can see all my glorious recipes and photos, and follow links to all my other foodie achievements.

My catering work is getting off the ground and my profile has certainly been raised, with links posted in The Guardian and inquiries from the BBC. It was also great to be able to quote my website details in a recent national magazine interview, resulting in many more people viewing my recipes.

I can’t thank Adrian enough for putting my wonderful site together and for supporting me!

Carol Harris – celebrity chef

The service and website which I received from W-webdesign was far beyond my expectations registering my domain name and my low cost hosting was made simple and inexpensive. Spending time in listening to how my profession operates then turning it into something you can see and read about was brilliant, I couldn’t ask for more. All photographs and site graphics are original with no stock images, which makes the site authentic. The site is now ranked with Google which I am delighted about. W-webdesign certainly delivers the goods and I am now having a professional Facebook page done,(cant wait) – Eddie Darmody.

Ed Darmody – Scrap Metal Solutions

Adrian Watkins’ work redeveloping The Nick Jackson Band website proved invaluable. I was impressed with the quality, speed and efficiency of his work.
He responded promptly to queries and was an enormous help walking me through the technical aspects of what I had to do to maintain the website. I am looking forward to continuing our working relationship.

Nick Jackson – The Nick Jackson Band

I really wanted specific imaging and eye catching design for my website and I was extremely fussy about the look and feel of it. I found Adrian very easy to work with at every level of the project, he understood what I wanted to achieve and did everything he could to make it happen which he did very successfully. He worked with me throughout the whole development cycle taking time to make sure I was happy and particularly that I understood the technical side which is not my strong point. I was constantly impressed by his creative and technical expertise and I have a final result that is beyond my initial expectations being a really superb website.

I fully recommend Adrian to you. He is totally honest in his business ethics, is someone you can talk and be comfortable with without feeling pressured or intimidated and he does deliver a first class service. If you want real quality at a realistic price, together with, full back up and ongoing support then do not hesitate and simply contact Adrian I do promise you that you wont be disappointed.

Derek Elliott – song writer and musician

It is always my pleasure to collaborate with Adrian on projects. He’s professional, inspirational and always has a solution. He works in a timely manner, communicates well and gets the job done! He has an excellent broad knowledge of technology and knows what is needed to create a beautiful, clear website that will promote your business.

Sarah Hamilton – Hamilton Grafix

When I first delved into website design it was something I couldn’t quite fully grasp, all the information on the internet was just too much to look at. So I invested my money into a web design course run by Adrian that taught the basics, and just from attending that first lesson I was able to understand what was being taught easily as Adrian explained things so well, if you had any questions he would always be happy to help you.

Adrian is very friendly with his learners and from completing a couple of his lessons I was surprised at how much I had actually learned in the given time of 6 weeks, once the course finished I was able to build my own website.

The courses provided by Adrian were enjoyable and in total I completed 2 of them, I would recommend him to anyone! 10/10 – Jonathan Fox”

Jonathan Fox

I was a student on two of Adrian’s courses. Photoshop and Dreamweaver and WordPress. Both were very enjoyable. Adrian is a very inclusive as a teacher and also approachable. We covered the subjects in bite size chunks with all of the students able to move forward together. As a part-time student  with only a weekly class Adrian put together some very useful You Tube articles, so that students could login and practice from their own homes. As a teacher he also helped you understand things but then said – have a go and see what that does – I think this is very important as you learn much more with this approach than being led to a solution by the teacher. He made each course very enjoyable and I was always eager for the next class to come along.

Jonathan Mylroie

After recently under going Wordpress Website courses with Adrian I would recommend his services highly. The course was delivered in a structured and timely manner with a friendly and personal touch added. This course has enabled me to move my business forward and I look forward to using the skills for many years to come. 

Thanks Adrian

Mick Nightingale

Adrian is an excellent teacher who delivers quickly and efficiently his knowledge about computers & web-programs. He is patient and willing to help with any computer problems.

He has the brilliant idea of creating video-explanations and this helped us enormously in understanding. Friendly atmosphere, kind teacher…I recommend these courses.

Rodica Chell

Lessons taught by Adrian were very well prepared, informative and interesting. He is a knowledgeable tutor and he teaches with passion and humour. Very helpful were also Youtube films prepared by him about the subject. I would recommend the courses!

Rafal Sadlowski

Adrian is an excellent teacher.  He follows well established teaching and learning techniques by explaining the context of the learning, modelling good practice, scaffolding the learning through appropriate support and then setting tasks for the learner to carry out independently.  His approach is lively,  engaging and well-paced.  He has taught me a great deal.

Chris Webster – retired Teaching & Learning consultant and OFSTED inspector.

From the start of the project until it’s completion, W-WebDesign has been great to work with through the entire process. In the first consultation, Adrian discussed what I wanted from my website and gave multiple suggestions to how we could achieve them. Through the process, Adrian kept me up to date and made sure that he was on track with what I wanted from the website and that it would work for me. The entire process was a fairly quick one and importantly quality and professionalism was not spared. The website looks great, functions well and also is high in search engine results so my customers can find me easily. Adrian has also been very quick in responding to any concerns even after the website was officially complete. I would happily recommend W-Website Design in Preston to anyone wanting to further their online presence or to have their existing website revamped to make it not only highly functional but stylish as well.

Adam McCabe – McCabe Guitar Tuition

I think Adrian is a great teacher and his style in which he teaches is excellent how he comes across explaining website design. He was able to explain it very easy and in a way I could understand it as when I was using the websites software I found it a bit overwhelming at first. Adrian went into great detail on how the software works and showing me how to use the software by way of teaching and showing how to use the software it was very easy to pick up. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn website design.

Adam McCall

Fantastic service from Adrian, very patient and always happy to advise. He also has a vast knowledge of web design. Had lots of compliments about my daughters website. Can’t thank Adrian enough. 5*

Lisa Larkin – Enchanted Princess

Adrian has built my business website from scratch, he is enthusiastic and puts every amount of effort into fulfilling all my requirements for the website. He regularly updates the website and my social media pages with pictures, posts and testimonials. He is very reasonably priced and well worth the money for the amount of professionalism and commitment he puts into making the website successful.

Ryan – Discount Tree Services