Carol Harris - Miz Pepperpot

Carol Harris – celebrity chef

Wow! I didn’t realise that having a website would make such a difference. I always knew that I needed a web presence to help my business get going and to grow, but I really wasn’t sure which direction to take, or how to do it. Adrian helped with all of this, from the set up and design layout, to professional photographs for the site, and administration of the content. More importantly to me, Adrian is never a click away for help, support and advice, (which believe me I’ve needed!)

It’s wonderful to have such a professional and attractive web presence and it’s certainly making a difference to my business. Instead of simply telling people what I can do, I can now direct them to my website where they can see all my glorious recipes and photos, and follow links to all my other foodie achievements.

My catering work is getting off the ground and my profile has certainly been raised, with links posted in The Guardian and inquiries from the BBC. It was also great to be able to quote my website details in a recent national magazine interview, resulting in many more people viewing my recipes.

I can’t thank Adrian enough for putting my wonderful site together and for supporting me!