Expanding Our Hosting Options

For 7 years, W Web Design & Hosting has offered fully-managed WordPress design & hosting. Today, after listening to our clients, we’re expanding our hosting options!

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Fully Managed vs Semi Managed Hosting

From day one, we’ve been offering a fully-managed WordPress hosting service. With this service, we handle the entire hosting package, from the server to the security. It’s ideal for clients who don’t want to have to look after their website, they just want it to work! We look after your website, you look after your business!

With our new semi-managed hosting package, you’ll have access to a cPanel interface, where you can run whatever applications you want. W Web will look after the underlying dedicated hardware, ensuring it’s performing as expected, is kept updated, and is always secure.

How Will The Platform Be Secure?

Weekly package updates will be performed on the platform, and any critical vulnerabilities will be patched immediately.

We will be ensuring that the key hosting software components are kept up to date too. Only supported versions of the database, PHP and Apache will be installed on the platform. For clients hosting WordPress, we can also offer weekly updates of the core, themes and plugins.

Backend access to the platform will be restricted to W Web design only.

What About Backups?

A key component of our fully-managed hosting environment are the backups. Every site gets daily backups as standard, run to 3 different cloud-based storage locations. We’re bringing the exact same service over to our semi-managed hosting package.

You’ll also be able to run your own backups via your applications, or via FTP from cPanel. We will be able to provide you with these backups and get your site back up and running effectively, should something stop working as expected.

What Are The Requirements Of The Package?

The only prerequisite you need to meet to use the hosting package is to update the nameservers of the domain. W Web uses CloudFlare for DDoS protection and transfers all domains we host into our CloudFlare dashboard. This allows us to manage the DNS for the domain and react if there’s a DDoS attack.

Feature Summary

Here are the technical features of our new semi-managed hosting service:

Hardware dedicated to W Web Design
Daily backups to 3 sites.
Optional weekly WordPress Updates
Antivirus scans
Web Application Firewall
DDoS Protection with CloudFlare

Thanks for reading about how we’re expanding our hosting options.

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